Poetry Chapbook, forthcoming with Frog Hollow Press, 2018


"Sun Valley Lodge", The Dalhousie Review, forthcoming 2018

"This Little Girl Goes to Burning Man", The Puritan, November 2017 (Read it)

"Hippocrene", Room Magazine, forthcoming Spring 2018

"Garage Sestina", Prairie Fire, Fall 2017

"The Boy Next Door", 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Canadian Millennial Poets, Spring 2017

“Penknife”, Room Magazine “No Comment” Project, November 2016 (Read it)

"Finlandia", FreeFall Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016 (Read it)

"Circles, Strokes", Prairie Fire, Summer 2015

"Chihuly's Mille Fiori", Arc Poetry Magazine, Winter 2015

"The Boy Next Door", "Overnights at the Hospital", EVENT, Winter 2014

"Repeat Offenders", Best New Poets 2014 (University of Virginia Press), Fall 2014

“Summer Work”, The Ubyssey (Volume XCIV, Issue XLII), February 2013


"So Long, Mary-Ann", Little Fiction, forthcoming 2018

"Retreat", untethered, Spring 2017 (Read my interview with untethered)

"The Stones", The Matador Review, Spring 2017 (Read it)

“Boon Dogs”, SAD Magazine, Fall 2016 (Read it)

Drone”, Room Magazine, Fall 2016  

“Burner Season”, The Puritan, Spring 2016 (Read it)

"My Half-Sister's Wedding", The Ubyssey (Volume XCIV, Issue XLII), February 2013


"Drone", Dorothy Somerset Studios, Brave New Play Rites Festival, 2013