IMPROMPTU #24: Get Inspired by Your Space

Hey, you can listen to me talking on the radio here. Yesterday I had the honour of being invited to share some poems on Wax Poetic Radio and chat with the hosts Pamela Bentley and RC Weslowski. I meant to mention in the interview - of course I totally forgot - that I'm starting an Instagram for IMPROMPTU! More prompts, lots more visual prompts. Follow @impromptuprompts and keep an eye out for the first post. 

Here's prompt #24:

Choose five random objects around you, wherever you happen to be - your bedroom, office, kitchen, coffee shop, garden, patio. God, I wish I had a patio. Also I wish it was patio weather. It's so foggy in Vancouver—I'm on the 9th floor of a high rise and I feel like I'm wrapped in a cloud. Usually there's a really clear view of Coal Harbour and the north shore, but today it's all foghorns and invisible mountains. 

Ok, so you've got your five objects. The next step is simple: use them as a homemade word pool. Write.