IMPROMPTU #33: Cut the Ties That Bind You

Okay, so the holidays ate me. My apologies. I've returned to earth now, and returned to IMPROMPTU. Let's get moving. 

This prompt is inspired by the artwork of Shari Elf, kween of the desert:

"Here are some scissors to cut the ties that bind you."

What ties most need cutting in your life? Are you holding onto a dream, a nightmare, an idea, a person? Do you wish you could just take a pair of scissors and CUT? Pick up your imaginary scissors. What would that look like? How would your life look moving forward?

I think a lot of people struggle around holiday time. I know I do. Every year, my emotions rise and rise to a fever pitch, and my heart explodes with love and rage. I can't help but compare where I am now with where I was last year at this time, and take stock of everything that's happened in between. It's like a whole year's worth of emotions coming up all at once. 

So, yes. Let's think about ties. Let's think about what binds us. And what it might look like/feel like to be set free.

And to anyone who's feeling alone, anxious, unbalanced, trapped, overwhelmed — you're not alone. Sending you love and light.