IMPROMPTU #106: Invisible Things

Make a list of things that are invisible to you. How do you find them?


1. Include at least one colour.
2. Include at least one question.
3. Say something impossible or absurd.

I've been so inspired by Hoa Nguyen and the writing prompts she's given to our poetry group at the Banff Centre.This prompt comes from an exercise we did yesterday, and from "Question Manifesto" (read below), a poem developed with Hoa Nguyen by a group of poet participants in a seminar program founded to support conversation around aesthetics, resistance, and politics. 



IMPROMPTU #99: Winter Tangerine Prompts for National Poetry Month

Winter Tangerine, a literary and arts magazine, has been posting daily poetry prompts on their Instagram account for National Poetry Month and I love them so much and thought I'd share one here. This is yesterday's prompt, Day 17:

"How many hungers do you have? Which one is the strongest? When are they most prevalent? What does your hunger look like, smell like?"

Check out their other prompts on Instagram, @wintertangerine_

Thanks to my friend Lenaya for sending them my way!

IMPROMPTU #96: 13 Moons

Today's inspiration brought to you by Friday the 13th, Day of the Goddess. Here's a quote from Chani Nicholas about this day: 

"The number 13 has always been associated with the Goddess as there are 13 moons in a year. The word for Friday derives from the Latin phrase "dies Veneris", which simply means "Day of Venus." Friday is also thought to be named after the ancient goddess Frigg and/or Freya, as in "Freya's Day" or "Frigg's Day". This is a day of luck and blessings. The only bad thing about Friday the 13th is the misogynistic misinformation that keeps us from celebrating its namesake and power."

Your prompt is "13 moons." 

Make it wild. Make it ugly. Make it sweet. Make it.