IMPROMPTU #83: Tent Zipper

Today's prompt: "The sound of a tent zipper."

Last year I lived in the volunteer campground at a retreat centre in Hawaii. I would often hear distant tent zippers and think for a second that I was hearing children shrieking. It was eerie, especially at night. 

What do you think of when you hear that sound? What will happen next?

IMPROMPTU #78: Stronger than I've Been Before


This time last year, looking at this purple sunrise, I remember thinking I was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be. And being there, everything I experienced while I was there, led me into the next part of my life, when I returned to Vancouver after 3 months on the Big Island, when my 7-year relationship ended for good, when I fell apart and put myself back together, and arrived here today. Stronger than I've been before. (Thanks Ariana Grande.) The light feels so good after so much darkness.

Today's prompt: "A door closed. The next thing I knew..."