IMPROMPTU #48: Edges

For today's prompt, I did a little collaboration with @eddy_lines on Instagram. This prompt and photo are by Kyla Jamieson:


Sometimes the edge of the water is just something we cross on our way in. Other times, it's as far as we go, a place to linger. Today's prompt is "edges," both literal and metaphorical. Write about an edge, or include an edge in your writing. 

The edge of your body.
The edge of memory.
The edge of a blade.
The edge of understanding.
The edge of a polygon.
The edge of envy.
The edge of this screen.
The edge of friendship.
The edge of a plate.
The edge of an experience.
The edge of a cliff.
The edge of your future.
The edge of a stage.
The edge of belonging.
The edge of the woods.
The edge of hope.
The edge of a body of water.

Check out @impromptuprompts on Instagram, (see below), and while you're at it, check out @eddy_lines. If you like beautiful nature photos and gutpunching poetry, then this account is for you.

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