IMPROMPTU #112: Dream Material

Last night I was a ghost of
a stranger with my name.

- Ellie Sawatzky, from "Voice Lessons"

I've been having lucid dreams lately and working with dream material in my writing. This line is from a longform poem that I started writing when I was in Banff last month.

Today's prompt: use dream material to inspire your poem, story, song, play, essay, painting, etc. Include: a pop culture reference, something glowing, and the words "intimidate", "hum", and "salacious"

A reminder that I love reading your impromptus - send me anything! Would love to see what you come up with. <3

IMPROMPTU #103: The Worst Thing

but what if I,
had harmed, love?  I howled this out,
and on my glasses the salt water pooled, almost
sweet to me, then, because it was named,
the worst thing - and once it was named,
I knew there was no god of love, there were only

- Sharon Olds, "The Worst Thing"

Today's prompt is inspired by Sharon Olds: "The worst thing." Whatever form this takes for you. <3