IMPROMPTU #127: A Stranger Bares Their Soul

A stranger bares their soul to you (or your character) about the greatest turning point in their life - their dark night of the soul. Something happens and you are unable to extricate yourself from this person or the situation. 

Where does this occur? On a Tinder date? In an elevator? At the playground? At Burning Man? What were the circumstances surrounding this turning point? What happens to cause you (or your character or speaker) to become linked to this person?

IMPROMPTU #126: An Object in Your Living Room

An object in your living room suddenly has the ability to speak, and it is evil, but it loves you. What is this object? A houseplant? A couch? A record player? A "World's Best Grandpa" mug? An antique porcelain cat? What does it say to you? What do you say back? Write a poem, or series of poems, short story or flash fiction.

Prompt inspiration courtesy of Erin Kirsh, who also happens to write a v funny and insightful blog about writer life, check out The Losing Game. <3