IMPROMPTU #36: The Ghost Line

For today's prompt, the first of 2018, I'm going to borrow another of Rachel McKibbens' ideas: the "ghost line".

Here is Rachel's description of a ghost line: "A ghost line is an inspiring line or image that becomes the unseen first line of a poem. ... Now remember, this is the invisible "first line" of your poem. Do NOT include it in your poem (unless you give credit to the original author.) YOU come up with the rest. So the second line is actually your first VISIBLE line. Fun, right? Also, the poem doesn't have to have anything to do with the ghost line, but the point of the ghost line is to inspire."

For our purposes, the ghost line does not have to be used specifically to write a poem. Use it to inspire you to write whatever it is you're writing. 

Read this poem by Roo Borson. Treat this as your ghost line/ghost lines:

"What's next, you ask yourself. / You ask it ten thousand times."

Read my interview with untethered magazine!

untethered interviewed me for their Author Interview Series, about my story "Retreat", which was published in their current Spring 2017 issue. I love looking back on the pieces I've written, thinking about how they first came to me and how they came to life. Big thanks to Matthew Walsh for the thoughtful questions. Read the interview here. And to read the story, buy a copy of the issue here. is live!

And kicking off with some exciting announcements.

On September 17th, I will be performing as the Poet Invited in Advance at Chicken Session #21. The last Chicken Session took place back in May as the final event of Verses Festival of Words. It was the first one I had attended, and it was pure magic. Here's a borrowed description from the Verses 2016 program: 

“Inspired by Mike McGee’s Kitchen Sessions, and the local Under the Bed series run by RC Weslowski and Wilhelmina Salmi, Chicken Sessions is a house concert, a poetry and story performance space, a potluck, a party, a salon with some Louisiana hospitality tossed together and served up by host and instigator Pamela Bentley in a big, beautiful East Van heritage house.” 


I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to perform, and I’m really looking forward to it. Mutya Macatumpag will be performing as the Musician Invited in Advance, and there will be 12 open mic performers throughout the day. I’ll post more details on my Events page once the Facebook event goes up.

I have a few upcoming publications as well! I have a story forthcoming in SAD Mag, and another (about honey bees and ghosts) coming out in September in Room’s Canadian Gothic issue, in the brilliant company of Aislinn Hunter, Amber Dawn, and so many others whose work I can’t wait to read. Here’s a sneak peak of the front and back cover:


You can pre-order this issue here. Only $12!

So, to wrap up, I’m enjoying summer, stoked to have my website up and running, and looking forward to the exciting things September has to bring!