IMPROMPTU #138: Have You Ever Noticed

Have you ever noticed how private
a wet tree is
a curtain of razor blades
Love me because nothing happens.

— Leonard Cohen, from Parasites of Heaven

Write a poem or story that begins with “Have you ever noticed…”

Make it ten lines long.

Include an unlikely metaphor, this to say, use an image in such a way as to reverse its usual associative qualities. (i.e. wet tree as a curtain of razor blades).

Use one example of synaesthesia (mixing the senses).

Include a stranger.

Include the colour purple.

IMPROMPTU #108: What Are You Making?

What are you making?

Love, a mess, a decision? A quilt, a cake, a machine? Are you making it up? Making do? Making no sense? Making breakfast after a breakup? Making off with your boyfriend's sister's scarf?

Begin your poem or story or song with "I'm making..."

For repetition, use "I'm making" at the beginning of each new line or section.