IMPROMPTU #99: Winter Tangerine Prompts for National Poetry Month

Winter Tangerine, a literary and arts magazine, has been posting daily poetry prompts on their Instagram account for National Poetry Month and I love them so much and thought I'd share one here. This is yesterday's prompt, Day 17:

"How many hungers do you have? Which one is the strongest? When are they most prevalent? What does your hunger look like, smell like?"

Check out their other prompts on Instagram, @wintertangerine_

Thanks to my friend Lenaya for sending them my way!

IMPROMPTU #94: Childhood Memory + Magic Power

Congrats to everyone who's on Day 11 of National Poetry Month 30 Poems 30 Days! You're all amazing! Keep going! I got prompts if you need 'em. 

Today: Reflect back on a specific childhood memory, a moment in which your understanding of the world changed. Go back to that moment and give yourself a magical power. How does the moment change?