IMPROMPTU #86: Ghost Story

I love ghost stories. I love going on ghost tours in cities when I travel, breaking into and exploring abandoned farmhouses on Prince Edward Island (what? Never happened...) I love old houses, old hotels, cemeteries, churches, anything creepy and potentially haunted. I think the root of it is a fascination with other peoples' stories—who has passed through these hallways, fell in love, had their heart broken, died or been born in these rooms? 

You can interpret this prompt however you choose - maybe you want to tell your own ghost story, the story of something that happened to you or someone you know, or use your own experience to prompt a fictional tale. Or maybe you want to make it up entirely. Maybe you want to re-write an existing ghost story. Maybe a ghosty experience or a haunted hotel sparks a story that's not a ghost story at all. Follow your brain through its dark hallways and dusty rooms and see what happens.