IMPROMPTU #95: Affirmations

Write a list of affirmations as questions (after Karen Solie). Read the poem below:


by Karen Solie

Has the past not pursued me with its face
and haven't I turned away?
Can a thing made once not be made again?

Hasn't the rider returned to her horse,
the dog to his master? Isn't this the lesson
of our popular literature?
And was the trash not collected
this morning, signalling no disruption
to the civic schedule?

Isn't the gesture, the act, inarguable?
And don't we live a parallel life in thought,
an attentiveness not unlike

a natural prayer of the mind and not-mind?
The shadow cast between them.
Where an unlight burns.

Won't nighttime reawaken and won't it be familiar?
Unequivocal through Carolinian forests
which have not wholly disappeared,
and equally among rows
of wrecked cars in the junkyards,
hoods open like a choir?